June 14, 2024
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a hidden gem in the heart of Milan

Installation view, Small Small Space Gallery: Federico Torra.


By MANUELA ACCINNO June 11, 2024

In contemporary society, the importance of size has become increasingly exaggerated and predominant. The idea that bigger is always better seems to govern our lives in every sphere, from fashion to technology, from industry to art. However, it is interesting to note that the world’s smallest art gallery, located in Milan at Corso di Porta Vittoria 46, has chosen to defy this dominant trend and emphasize the essentiality and intimacy of smaller dimensions. In a context where pompous and imposing art exhibitions seem to dictate the terms of the contemporary art market, the Small Small Space Gallery presents itself as a unique and precious exception. With only 7 square meters of exhibition space, this small venue stands out for its ability to create an intense and engaging artistic experience despite its limited physical dimensions.

Installation view, Small Small Space Gallery: Federico Torra.

Small Small Space is a 7-square-meter gallery dedicated to contemporary visual and project culture. Located in the center of Milan, it is characterized by its tiny spaces and the unusual exhibition solutions that result from them. Small Small aims to bring the public closer literally and metaphorically to the world of contemporary photography and what surrounds it, offering a refined selection of books, prints, and design objects. Thus, the space becomes a meeting point between adjacent disciplines, which find in their contamination new design scenarios. Small Small will, therefore, not only host exhibitions but will also confgure itself as a place for in-depth study and research, through collaborations with bookshops, magazines, and publishing houses. On the borderline between a gallery and a project space, the site aims to become an active meeting point between different project contexts that can work together to realize site-specifc installations. Small Small was founded in 2023 by Michele Foti. Together with Layuhl Jang, they curate exhibitions and internationally oriented projects, with a particular interest in cross-cutting narratives.

The visitor who ventures into this space is immediately transported into a world of proportionate and controlled dimensions, where every detail takes on extraordinary importance. The careful selection of the works on display, the care in their positioning and lighting, and the intimate and cosy atmosphere created by the surroundings all contribute to a unique and evocative artistic experience.

At a time when grandiosity is often associated with success and prestige, the Small Small Space Gallery represents an important reflection on the true nature of art and its power to transform our perception of reality. WM


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