July 15, 2024

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Caledonia Investments – Time, well invested

Investment approach Investing in high quality companies CLDN’s approach incorporates three investment strategies, each of which is fundamentally doing the same thing – identifying and backing high quality and growing companies, while seeking to manage company specific.


FOCUS: Kurt Kurator | NARC. | Reliably Informed

Darlington-based DJ, musician and songwriter Kurt Kurator unleashes his new collection of songs, Unlucky For Sun. Taking a distinct hip-hop approach, fused with trip-hop and R&B, the album introduces the artist’s considerable skills, and paves the way.


Here’s a Potential Downward Price Target for Bitcoin if 2019-Style Correction Plays Out: Benjamin Cowen

Widely followed crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen is mapping out how low Bitcoin’s (BTC) price could dip if a 2019-style correction unfolds. In a new video update, Cowen tells his 803,000 YouTube subscribers what could happen if the.


What ‘rich’ Wall Street doesn’t get about everyday people

On “Stocks in Translation,” Lee Munson, chief investment officer at Portfolio Wealth Advisors, offers a candid critique of Wall Street’s disconnect from Main Street. With humor, he exposes the financial elite’s myopic focus on interest rates and.

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Guests sailing on the Danube can now enjoy unique onboard concerts by highly talented students from the.