June 14, 2024

Personal Finance Society Board appoints first-ever independent Chair

“It’s clear to me that the PFS Board has taken great strides forward over the past year. “
– Piers White MBE, first-ever independent Chair of the PFS Board

Piers White MBE will be joined by Debbie Mitchell DipPFS and Mike Crane ACII, with Christine Elliott departing as the Board’s interim Chair. Piers will lead the Personal Finance Society’s (PFS) Board for an initial three-year term while Debbie and Mike have one-year terms, all effective from the 1st June 2024.

Piers is honoured to serve PFS members as the first-ever independent Chair; “I believe my significant experience in running Financial Services businesses, alongside my twenty years in a broad range of Chair and Non-Executive positions spanning multiple sectors, complements the skills and knowledge brought by my fellow Board members.”

“I’m delighted to welcome Piers as our new Chair, alongside our new Director appointments, Debbie & Mike. Their combined backgrounds in Financial Services and beyond further bolster the expertise that we have made available to our members over the past year,” said Anthony Ward, President of the PFS.

He said: “The appointment of an independent Chair, completed through a competitive and rigorous selection process, was one of the key recommendations from our governance review. We’re looking forward to working with Piers to elevate the benefits our members experience from being part of our Society and advancing our mission.”

“The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Group Board warmly welcomes all the new Directors to the PFS Board, each of whom brings a broad range of skills and leadership qualities that we know will benefit members, individuals seeking professional advice, and society more generally,” added Dr Helen Phillips, CII Group Chair.

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