June 14, 2024

Photoplay and Artists Leila Jeffreys & Melvin J. Montalban Create Nest for Vivid

NEST is a meditative 3-channel film projected around an immersive circular installation, on a semi-opaque projection surface creating a glowing ribbon of light and movement. The cinematic work celebrates the ritualistic courtship dance of the native Australian crane, the Brolga, courtesy of bird trainers and conservationists Feathered Friends Bird Sanctuary. The slow-motion imagery, captured by Phantom cinematographer Chris Bryan, partners with the evocative cello score by composer Jackson Milas.

NEST represents the artists’ fourth public art collaboration, and a continuation of their broader practice to create spaces for mindful reflection on our connection to nature.

Leila and Melvin’s previous installation TEMPLE, initially commissioned for VIVID Sydney 2022, is currently exhibiting at the National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra.

Photoplay film director and artist Melvin J. Montalban comments that, “Sitting on dock in Manly over five years ago, Leila and I began dreaming up large-scale public art installations. We connected over our love of nature and wildlife, over how we can be better stewards for our shared home, and NEST became our very first concept. And now, with the unwavering support of VIVID Sydney, our collaborators and our crew, we are thrilled to see it come to life in such a monumental way.”

NEST is open for the entire festival until June 15, found at Stargazer Lawn at the top of Barangaroo Headland. 

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