June 20, 2024
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Staples art Gallery – Inklings News

Staples art gallery shows many projects from graphic design classes, inspiring others to consider art courses.

Art gallery at Staples proves strength of art department 

As the school year comes to an end, the Staples tradition of student artwork being displayed in the hallways begins. This year, the art gallery was set up from May 13-17. 

One of the main components of the art gallery is painting. This includes watercolors and oil painting. 

“[One project] we did was a monochromatic watercolor painting and the next one after that was a still life oil painting,” Isabelle Wasserman ’26 said.

Digital art is also showcased from classes like graphic design and photography. Advanced graphic design had a project where they took an onomatopoeia and manipulated text in order to make it visually represent a word. 

“Mine was ‘slurp,’ so I made it look like it was liquid being slurped up,” Dhilan Patel ’26 said.

Overall, this gallery gives artists a sense of pride. Although this gallery is not up anymore, you can enjoy student artwork in MoCA, where their new Spark exhibit displays student submissions. 

It’s really nice to see [especially when] walking by.

— Dhilan Patel

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