June 16, 2024
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Iranian artist duo showcases festive art

Two Iranian artists in Oman have come together for a joint exhibition titled ‘Eid Mobarak’ which opened at Mina Art Gallery last evening

Located along a thoroughfare at Qurum Commercial Complex, Mina Art Gallery, doesn’t quite call for attention…unless, of course, a couple of exhibits propped up against the glass paneling swivel your attention to what’s in store within.

If you do fight against the natural urge to walk up to your car in the parking lot or not get distracted by the tantalising aromas emanating from a ring of restaurants in this shopping arena, you would, indeed, discover that Mina Art Gallery does house some stunning exhibits that art lovers and enthusiasts would never miss. And, this time round, a unique exhibition is on to provide more fizz for the ensuing festive season.

Titled ‘Eid Mobarak’, a joint exhibition by two Iranian artists opened at this gallery on the evening of June 8 to offer people in Muscat a different shade of Eid revelry during the upcoming Eid al Adha holidays. The artists are Mina Rezaei, owner of the gallery and her friend Zohreh Sadegh who have come together to celebrate Eid with a new burst of colours that appeal to viewers of all ages.

eid mobarak 2eid mobarak 2
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Zohreh Sadegh and Mina Rezaei

Mina, who has been painting since her childhood and who graduated in art in Iran, has been residing in Oman for the past 17 years and has held solo exhibitions as well as participated in group exhibitions in Oman as well as many other countries. Zohreh specialised in resin art, and together they offer a unique bouquet wherein every piece is unique yet sits in harmony with each other.

“The paintings and resin works on display at this exhibition depict varied facets of the culture of Oman,” says Mina, adding, “This is our presentation for the peace-loving people of Oman and for the kind Sultan since both countries – Oman and Iran – share mutual respect and brotherhood, and history testifies so.”

She further said that the duo has invited a number of Iranian artists as well as those from Oman and other international artists residing in the sultanate to visit the exhibition, all of whom they consider ‘VIP guests’ for this event.

Mina disclosed that Zohreh manages the Nirvana Art Group which consists of a team of specialists in the field of visual art, besides interior/exterior décor. With a decade and a half of experience in Iran and Oman, Zohreh has executed large and diverse projects known for their creative and distinctive designs. Her goal is to create designs that not only showcase beauty but also provide a unique experience for clients.

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