June 16, 2024
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Athens gallerist Tif Sigfrids joining CANADA as Partner

Gallerist Tif Sigfrids, whose eponymous space has operated in LA, NYC, and Athens, GA, is joining CANADA as Partner.

At CANADA, Tif will bring her knack for eclectic programming and some current artist-collaborators (like Hasani Sahlehe, who will be featured in a CANADA exhibition this September) to Tribeca. Since founding 25 years ago, artist-run gallery CANADA has delivered on its mission to uplift the wider arts community and spotlight new and historic works. For Tif, the move to CANADA and back to NYC marks a new chapter for her and an example of how galleries can collaborate.

“About ten years ago I opened my gallery in Los Angeles with a show by Joe Sola called “Portraits: An Exhibition in Tif Sigfrids’ Ear.” Being able to do that show and exhibit the work by the late Danish artist Albert Mertz were the two main impeti for having my own gallery.  In the time since, I’ve operated spaces in Athens, Georgia and New York City.  Each location the gallery has inhabited has expanded the community of artists, writers, curators, and collectors I feel so lucky to have worked with over the last decade.  It’s with this community that I’m excited to announce what’s next.

This summer I’ll be joining CANADA  as Partner. An artist-run gallery dedicated over the past 25 years to creating community through the work of exceptional artists, CANADA is a very special place, and a very special group of people that I’m so thrilled to soon be working with. As Partner I’ll help guide the gallery’s acclaimed program and will be presenting artists who I’ve worked with before, including an exhibition by Hasani Sahlehe in September.

As I’ll be relocating to New York with my family, I’ll be closing my physical space in Athens. The art world I stepped into back in 2013 was built around a community of friends that just keeps growing.  In this spirit of expansiveness and collaboration I’m so excited for this next chapter.

I want to thank everyone who has made this journey so special. From L.A., to Athens, and now to Tribeca. Come say hi!”

Tif Sigfrids


Tif Sigfrids is a contemporary art gallery that serves as a platform for a community of visual artists, writers, and musicians.  Founded by Tif Sigfrids in 2013, the gallery has operated out of spaces in Los Angeles, California; Athens, Georgia; Comer, Georgia; and New York City.  Tif Sigfrids has represented a broad range of artists based throughout the U.S. and in Europe, producing thoughtful exhibitions, performances, lectures, along with publishing artists books, prints, and periodicals. The gallery has hosted solo and group presentations with internationally recognized artists including Mimi Lauter, Lisa Williamson, Becky Kolsrud, Art Rosenbaum, and others and placed works in museum collections including The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and The Georgia Museum of Art

Canada opened in Lower Manhattan in 1999 by a small group of artists committed to promoting the needs and energies of an improvised community. Artists and audiences contribute to the culture of Canada, which has presented and promoted art in an irreverent, serious, and approachable way. The gallery has two spaces in Tribeca on Lispenard Street. As an artist-run gallery, Canada remains unconventional in its structure and divergent in its programming.




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