June 20, 2024
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A smorgasbord of art: eight must-see gallery exhibitions in Switzerland

Have you ever heard the German saying that after eating, one should either rest or take a thousand steps? Well, head over to Zuoz in the Upper Engadin for a bit of dessert.

Markus Raetz
Monica de Cardenas
Through July 13, 2024

Presenting a selection of sculptures and drawings by the late Swiss artist Markus Raetz, this show follows on the heels of a large-scale retrospective at Kunstmuseum Bern. Raetz perfected the art of holding the viewer’s attention by creating sculptures that change their form and meaning depending on one’s point of view. One sculpture shows the outline of a head that turns upside down when viewed from a different angle (Kopfdraht,
1991/2006), ‘NON’ becomes ‘OUI’ (Oui-Non, 1996/2000), and twigs dangling from the ceiling take on the form of a female silhouette (Gestalt, 1995). As an artist, Raetz might be as Swiss as they get, straightforward and almost didactic at times, yet also full of whimsical wit – as long as you look hard enough.

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